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img_0259Deer season has some rewards that lead to good turkey hunting. I have gone out several times this fall with very limited success. Taking new friend Gary Anderson from Lawrence, Will Falley and brother Seth, but all with no success. I have scouted for them and had birds in easy gun range on several occasions, but didn’t want to shoot and ruin the site for them on the next day or weekend. Then along came deer season. O.B. Caudle allowed me to hunt out of one of his wonderful tower stands. On one morning 4 nice toms paraded in the field before me and I enjoyed it immensely. Then O.B. told me about a hunter seeing several nice toms on another field in the early afternoon. O.B. even had some great trail camera pictures of them. On the last day of deer season there they were as I attempted to climb up into the tower on the north edge of the field 250 yards away. O.B. asked if I wanted to hunt birds in the morning. I didn’t but I knew where I would be that afternoon.img_0231

Dashing around the house at nearly 1 PM and I still am not able to locate my gloves from the previous day. Finally I decide to use a new pair before I am too late for my 2 o’clock rendezvous. I drive the 10 miles and jump out (quietly and quickly) moving to the location where the toms were the previous day. I set down where I think is a good spot and here what I think is a cluck. Then looking over the shooting lanes determine that I will not be able to shoot where I need to if they do come into range. I look and find a tree 5 yards away that will be a much better spot. I move and as I settle in I hear another cluck this time certain. With mouth call inserted I let out two yelps and am answered immediately. Within seconds there is rustling in the grass to the north of my location. Another cluck and there they are, 6 toms and the long bearded on leading the charge. Right into the opening that I had just cut a couple of small brushy limbs from obstructing. Boom roars my M-1 and 5 toms head for the timber leaving behind their previous captain. Tagged and totting the tom back to the truck I check my phone and it is not yet 2 PM. “When you are going to get one. . .”


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